Lead Generation for the New Generation

A seamless platform for hosting in-person or virtual live events giving you the ability to grow your community and generate new business leads.

Start Building Now

Don’t be at the mercy of algorithms

Platform dependency can cripple your business. Break free with AirFive.

Keep in contact with fans through email and the AirFive network.


Collect Emails

Other platforms control your visibility and reach, but email gives you a direct line. With AirFive, easily generate leads (emails) through hosting a virtual or physical event, putting the control back in your hands.

Increase Engagement

Using AirFive’s events, you can increase the engagement of your fans with your brand through building a more targeted line of communication.

Acquire Sponsors

Get more money by having a segmented email list. As an AirFive member, gain access to sponsorship through your newly established community.


Other platforms charge
as you scale up

Webinar software, opt-in forms, and landing pages can cost up to $200 per month for limited attendees. With AirFive, it’s an all-in-one solution at an all-in-one price.


Per Month

What Influencers Have to Say

Common Questions

What is a virtual live event?

A virtual event can be anything from a short Q&A to a lengthy webinar or even a live streaming of a DJ – whatever you think will create value for your audience and that they access on their phone through the AirFive app.

You engage with your audience in an all new way with LIVE
video or previously live/recorded – we recommend using an
unlisted YouTube live link.

Why wouldn’t I build it myself?

See “you do the math” and “why wouldn’t I use webinar software” 😉

Airfive incentivizes its users to attend live events so we are pushing to you to grow your audience.

Also, influencers need to be influencing, not building products you can get for $30.

I signed up! Now what do I do?

Welcome! Now it’s time to get connected by hosting your first event.

You should receive your login information in the welcome email. Login to the AirFive portal.

To start an event, you’ll want to create a YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or any other video site link (we recommend YouTube live). Be sure your video is set as unlisted.

Upload your event video link to the AirFive portal. Your event should now be live in the AirFive network.

Screenshot your unique QR code found in the All Events section of the AirFive portal. Your QR code will be your lifeline to promote your event.

Spread the word! Leverage your audience and maximize exposure by sharing your QR code to your social media and inviting them to your event with the hashtag #AirFiveLive.

You’re off to the races!

Why wouldn’t I just use webinar software?

Becasue webinar software is crazy expensive, it limits your attendees and AirFive virtual influencer events are seamless when they attend and share.

No landing pages and no opt in forms needed – no more asking for name & email – this leads to higher conversion rates.

Airfive incentivizes its users to attend live events inside the app so we are pushing people to you to grow your audience.

What do you mean by “influencer”?

Anyone looking to grow an audience, brand or business. An Instagramer, a network marketer, small business owner…anything!

Can I upload a pre-recorded event instead of a live event?

Yes! Live events are always the best, but pre-recorded content works just as well. Just upload a link to the pre-recorded event and voila.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! Just message us at support@airfive.com
if you wish to cancel.