AirFive is the Solution Musicians Have Been Waiting For

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It’s a brisk Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee.

Musicians are playing at every bar in town.

The people listening enjoy the music but don’t write down the name of the artist on a bar napkin. And they definitely won’t remember the band’s name in the morning when it’s time to turn on Spotify.

The musician may never get to reach those people again.

Along comes AirFive! 

Musicians can create live virtual events with AirFive that will generate a QR code for their fans to scan (on Snapchat, Instagram or any QR code reader). And yes, QR codes are back, baby!

The musician decides what to offer fans who scan. Maybe it’s access to a private, live show. Maybe it’s bonus music.

The musician also gets the name and email address of every fan who scans the QR code.

Finally, there’s a way for musicians to retarget their fans!

How can a musician let their current fans and potential fans know about new music or a live show? Give them a QR code generated by AirFive!

Add their emails to a list and send an email marketing campaign before the new album drops! Then, send them a notification before the tour starts so they can get tickets early!

Playing at the Cannery Ballroom? Have your fans scan your QR code when they enter so you know who attended your show, then send them special offers for your music and apparel!

With AirFive, musicians can smartly and efficiently grow and retarget their audience.

No more spending gobs of cash on ad campaigns that may or may not work. No more guessing how to reach the fans.

No more posting events on Facebook only to have 3% of the fans see the event.

Musicians can now effectively reach their target audience without getting lost in the social media shuffle.

How much does it cost to acquire an email via social media ads? With a cost per click around $2.50, even with 50% conversion on the site, the cost is at least $5 per email.

AirFive’s membership is only $30 per month. With acquiring 6 emails each month, the membership pays for itself. After that, it’s just winning at marketing!

Artists who already have a following will find the $30 per month a steal as the price doesn’t increase based on the number of emails captured!

An artist with 50,000 fans could get 20% of their audience… 10,000 emails for $30/month.

There’s not a better ROI in the business.

For musicians looking to get started, AirFive wants to help them get noticed.

In their first month on the platform, they’ll get shoutouts across social media. During the second month, they will be mentioned in a blog post with a couple paragraphs about them!

The biggest prize though comes after they’ve been on the AirFive platform for 3 months. At that point, they can submit to the AirFive Music Festival!

The AFMF will be a live, virtual festival where fans across the world can access music content at their convenience, for the duration of the festival.

Musicians will upload the content they want their fans to have and fans will get to watch and listen to the content provided. In exchange, the musicians will get that fan’s name and email.

Talk about expanding an audience!

The AirFive team is so pumped about this opportunity to help musicians grow and retarget their audience they are offering the first month for only $1!

They simply want musicians to try the platform: provide some feedback, get the fans to scan those codes and give them some premium content they can’t access anywhere else.

It’s time to slide past the noise on Facebook and engage that audience. Musicians should head to and sign up today!

Don’t forget to use the code ‘1dollar’ to get that first month for only a single dollar!

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